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Heart free avatar by luisbcA very special girl drew this piece for me! Heart free avatar by luisbc

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Commissions, Adopts, Requests, and Trades (CARTs) which other artists have done for me!

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The Palms of yesteryear are taken,
Gathered together and burned,
Remember, Man, you are dust,
To dust you shall return!
This Cross of Ash upon your head,
Take it in memory of your impending doom,
But be not discouraged and have great hope,
May virtue within you bloom.
Forty days and forty nights,
Did Our Lord and Savior Fast,
So should we follow his way,
In preparation for His Passion at last.
Three hours on the Cross,
Three days in the tomb,
Then comes the Resurrection,
And the Eastertide in Full Bloom!
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 3 2
Enslaved by Freedom
Do whatever you want,
Give in to your desires,
Fulfill all your wants,
Hold nothing back.
I once believed this,
And let it all out,
But I was never happy,
Was never satisfied.
By freeing my desires,
I became a slave of them,
Now I need my freedom back,
Freedom from my crazy wants.
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 3 2
Roxie :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 7 9
The Lovely Mermaid
Here we are traveling the ocean blue,
With salty old captain and well trained crew,
Long and lazy is our journey thus far,
Following the compass and heavenly star.
Soon did we see a land off afar,
With palm trees many and long sand bar,
So we dropped anchor and headed ashore,
To escape this lethargic sea of bore.
Then up from the sea came a creature of lore,
"No mistake! We saw it!" All the men swore,
Body of woman and tail of a fish,
Leaping out of water with grace and swish.
Some would have watched her as long as they wish,
Some desired her tail, but on a dish,
I preferred to listen to her siren song,
Notes so low and calming, so sweet and long.
Then up from the ocean came a great throng,
A host of her kin 'bout one hundred strong,
Flipping in the air and singing their spell,
It was so beautiful and yet so fell.
All of a sudden there came a great yell,
but from whose mouth it came no one could tell,
What came after was a resounding splash,
A man went overboard, gone in a flash!
You s
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 2 4
Shovel Knight - Colored :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 6 7 Line - Colored :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 6 3
The Struggle of Distant Friends
When I say, "See you soon,"
It means I'll see you ASAP
When I say, "Talk to you later,"
It means I can't wait to talk to you at another time.
When I say, "I'll be back,"
It means I'll be away for a definite time.
When I say, "I'm busy, but I'll get back to you."
It means I cannot talk right now, but can at a later time.
When I say, "Good-bye for now,"
It means I have to go, but will be there next time.
When I say, "Sorry, I was away,"
It means I had no way of getting back to you at the time.
When I say, "Can we take a break?"
It means I am tired and need a short rest.
I didn't say, "Go away."
I didn't say, "I'm done with you."
I didn't say, "Leave me alone."
I didn't say, "I hate you."
I didn't say, "I never want to talk to you again."
I mean what I say and I say what I mean,
If I don't mean it, I don't say it,
And if I don't say it, I don't mean it.
If we could be together,
Twenty-four seven,
Oh my goodness gracious,
That would be heaven!
But sometimes Real Life,
Just gets in the way,
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 4 12
The Christmas Gift Within
There was no snow upon the ground,
And all the grass was short and browned.
The clouds were overhead,
The trees were all dead,
And nary a bird made a single sound.
The shops were filled with a great bustle,
The online deliveries had to hustle.
When things sold out,
There was little doubt,
There would then be a wild tussle.
I could not afford a shining jewel,
But to get nothing would be most cruel,
For my sweet wife,
The love of my life.
That was just the rule.
But all I could give her was my love,
This beautiful and kind and loving dove,
What better gift,
Can one’s sprits lift,
Than from the heart of Christmas thereof!
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 2 3
Heart! :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 10 15
Passio Jesu Christi
When thirty-three years had passed for Our Lord
The time came when he would fulfill the word
Of that fated death in which he would delve
That he spoke to his Apostles, the twelve,
Who sat with him in the upper room where
Their master gave his own body as fare,
Foretold his betrayal, which had a price,
And before the cock crowed, a denial thrice.
Alas! This night of all nights the test came
And the Anointed One would endure shame
From the people by whom he was once praised
And who now would order that he be raised
On an infamous gibbet there to hang.
Who knew he would suffer so great a pang?
He did this for the world to conquer sin.
And over death a victory he would win.
So with Peter, James, and John Our Lord went
To the Mount of Olives there to lament
In a garden at its base, there he prayed
While the sins of man upon him were laid.
Distress and trouble in his heart Christ felt
So strong and great that to the ground he knelt
And pled, “If it be possible, Father
“Let this c
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 2 8
Old Sword :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 3 3 Butterfly Sword - Hilt Detail :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 1 3 Butterfly Sword :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 4 0
Flora's Garden
If ever in life you have time to spare,
And feel as though you need some air,
Then come and experience the wonderful aura,
Of the vast vibrant garden of Madame Flora.
Here first we have the Roses of red,
The perfect gift for the bride newlywed,
Planted in the fashion of a loving heart,
Now how is that for flower art?
The perennial Daffodils come and go,
Swaying along as the winds do flow,
Beautiful colors of yellow and cream,
Shine in the sun’s golden beam.
The violet Irises grow up tall,
On the sides of the path, like a stretching hall,
Leading up to Flora’s brick-red villa,
But not before passing a patch of vanilla.
Around the villa grow Carnations a-plenty,
The flowers made of colors a-many,
And by the doorway, blasting no notes,
Stand horn-like Lilies, with long opened throats.
Enter the conservatory, where the bright sun shines,
Through a stained-glass dome and panes without blinds,
Great grow the Grasses and Ferns of green,
Around the fountain, where the water flows c
:iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 3 5
Tower Sketch :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 2 0 Fandoms :iconkarasu-etsuklau:Karasu-Etsuklau 5 4

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Hi? *mumbles and throws a rock at you*
Sun Mar 12, 2017, 11:15 AM
I can't even...but neither can I odd.
Thu Feb 2, 2017, 5:58 PM
where are you? I sent you a note!!
Thu Feb 2, 2017, 4:47 PM
I like cheese
Sun Jan 29, 2017, 8:26 PM
Tue Jan 24, 2017, 5:01 PM
where are you? I already replied back to the RP note :)
Fri Jan 20, 2017, 6:01 PM
Fri Jan 20, 2017, 5:42 PM
Wed Jan 11, 2017, 6:10 PM
hi hi 💗
Mon Dec 26, 2016, 11:33 AM
let it all out!
Sun Dec 25, 2016, 7:55 PM


These wonderful artists have drawn commissions and requests for me. God bless them!
Check out the CARTs folder in my favorites for their works!

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Would you read my blogs if I posted them on here? They would vary in subject. 

5 deviants said Yes! Always! :lol:
5 deviants said Yes, but only if they interest me. :)
1 deviant said Not really into blogs. TL, DR :|
No deviants said DA is a blog site? NO! :(


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Will trade/commission piano music for art/points discuss with me if you are interested. My artwork ability is limited to sketches and concept stuff.

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Hey everyone! I am going to be on vacation from 27th-31st of March. Anybody I owe a music commission to will need to be on hold as I won't have my laptop with me. I will be  offline completely!

See you guys soon!

Perunium-ursogulo I swear I will put some real thought into your song while I am away! ;)
Not been active happens.

All I need is the last few pictures then the long awaited post comes!



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